44 kilometres of stunning scenery

Explore the Santerno Valley by bike or on foot: from the peach and apricot orchards of Mordano, across fords and lush green hills, all the way to the centuries-old chestnut groves of Castel del Rio.

An exceptional outdoor experience.

The route takes you into a stunning landscape: along wooded river banks, past works of historical interest like the Canali dei Mulini, unique geological formations such as the Vena del Gesso and fertile farmland and orchards.

The route also links parks and other outdoor leisure areas such as the Parco delle Acque Minerali in Imola, the riverside park of Borgo Tossignano and Fontanelice and the stunning Alidosi bridge in Castel del Rio.

The Santerno Cycle Route can easily be reached from Imola train station.

In general, the Santerno Cycle Route is for cyclists of all abilities and is, in part, suitable for those without any particular sports experience.

Mountain bikes or gravel bikes are recommended as the route has mixed surfacing, from asphalt to dirt.

The distances between one municipality and the next are easy to handle, allowing for welcome breaks in the midst of nature.

There are three fording points over the River Santerno, each featuring stepping stones to ensure your feet stay dry! However, you will have to dismount and walk the bike over them.

At some times of the year water levels may prohibit use of the stepping stones.

GPX routes with detours to avoid the fords will soon be on-line.

The path of Santerno Cycle Route

Until Fontanelice, the elevation profile of the Santerno Cycle Route makes for easy riding (the average gradient is only about 1%), in this part “family friendly” of the route.

From Fontanelice to Castel del Rio, instead, there are alternating climbs and downhill sections, some of them pretty steep (gradients can reach 20%). This last stretch of the Santerno Cycle Route is ‘sportier’ and more demanding, so here you’ll need to be fit! This last part of Ciclovia del Santerno, defined “professional”, will be object of maintenence and riqualification: some traints could be closed for this reason. Maintenence works should end before the end of June 2022.

Of course,cyclists taking on the route with e-bikes can enjoy all the great views without having to worry about the more challenging climbs.

The elevation from the Santerno cycle path