A project that focuses on making the most of the natural environment by providing infrastructure that supports sustainable tourism.

The Santerno Cycle Route, part of the wider Bicipolitana della Città Metropolitana di Bologna, runs 44 km along the Santerno Valley, from Mordano to Castel del Rio. It passes through Imola, Casalfiumanese, Borgo Tossignano and Fontanelice and crosses the Vena dei Gessi Regional Park, a UNESCO World Heritage candidate.

The design was commissioned by the Nuovo Circondario Imolese and coordinated by AREA BLU s.p.a. Moreover, AREA BLU oversaw acquisition of the required land and relations with individuals and entities. The three-year design and authorisation process for the approximately 44 km long route (30 of which is new cycle path) was followed by about a year and a half of actual construction.

The route winds through a stunning natural and cultural landscape: along wooded river banks, past works of historical interest like the Canali dei Mulini, unique geological formations such as the Vena del Gesso and fertile farmland and orchards.

The route also links parks and other outdoor leisure areas such as the Parco delle Acque Minerali in Imola, the riverside park of Borgo Tossignano and Fontaneliceand the stunning Alidosi bridge in Castel del Rio.

For the most part the Santerno Cycle Route is suitable for,not just sportsmen and sportswomen.