Just 12 km from Imola, Casalfiumanese lies at the head of the Santerno Valley.

The old Roman Castram Casalis Flumanensis

The town centre is reached by crossing an arch, which stands alongside the Civic Tower. Both were rebuilt after the bombing of the second world war. While much of the town was also damaged, it retains its original medieval structure.

The etymology of the name Casalfiumanese stems from the words Casale (castle) and Fiumanese, a reference to the nearby brook of Rio Salso. The original name, similar to today’s, was Castram Casalis Flumanensis.

The origins of the town, characterised by a small population but an extensive territory, date back to the 11th century.

It’s the perfect place to start exploring the Santerno Valley. Visitors can head out on the Luca Ghini Trail (to follow in the footsteps of a pioneer of modern botany) or enjoy a pleasant stroll in the Parco della Villa Manusardi.

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