Founded in 1198, Borgo Tossignano lies at the centre of the Santerno Valley, nestling in a gap in the huge gypsum ridge of the Vena del Gesso Romagnola.

Two towns, one municipality

The municipality actually consists of two separate settlements. Borgo, down in the valley, where relics from the Villanovan culture have been found, is the municipality’s ‘capital’. Tossignano, built higher up around the remains of the feudal castle, now offers a natural base for exploring the Vena del Gesso Romagnola Regional Park.

The Vena del Gesso and River Santerno have shaped both the landscape and its history. Together, they form an ecosystem of unique natural beauty.

Borgo Tossignano is the western gateway to the Vena del Gesso park: the La Casa del Fiume visitors’ centre in via Rineggio provides information on the park and the expertise of local hiking guides.

The Parco Lungofiume in Borgo Tossignano offers a riverside leisure area that’s suitable for everyone.

The remains of the feudal castle of Tossignano offer stunning views of the famous Riva di San Biagio, one of the gypsum ridges that form the backbone of the Vena del Gesso.

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