An initiative conceived by biking guru Marco Selleri, together with his Nuova Ciclistica Placci team. “A non-competitive event that aims to make sure participants have fun and stay safe”, comments the well-known events organizer from Mordano. “A fascinating night ride at the perfect time of year, taking you through one of the most suggestive routes in the area”.

Two route options.

The short route – an out-and-back from Mordano to Fontanelice with four refreshment points – is just under 70 kilometres. The longer option, almost 90 kilometres in total with five refreshment points, takes in the entire cycle route, reaching Castel del Rio before turning back.

The cycle route serves a dual purpose. First, it gives local citizens a unique opportunity to see their own territory from an unprecedented viewpoint and dive into nature even though they’re just a few km from home. Second, it’s helping develop that fast-growing sustainable tourism market, driving growth and offering employment opportunities, especially for young people.